Find a Discshop Depot

LOCATION: Auckland West, North Island
COURSE: Woodhill Disc Golf Park
DEPOT: Woodhill Proshop – Onsite in main carpark.
HOURS: Monday – Sunday 8am -5.30pm
Wednesday 8am – 9pm

Approximate Disc Numbers 100’s, Bags, Backpacks, Baskets, Accessories

LOCATION: Tauranga, North Island
COURSE: McLaren Falls Park
Falls Cafe – Onsite in the Park.
Wednesday – Sunday 9am – 4pm

Approximate disc numbers – 50

LOCATION: Mangakino, North Island
COURSE: Mangakino
DEPOT:  Art and Soul, 71 Rangatira Drive
HOURS: 10am – 4pm Monday to Sunday
Approximate disc numbers -40

LOCATION: New Plymouth, North Island
COURSE: Merrilands Domain/Inglewood Golf Course
DEPOT: The Golf Zone, 44 Molesworth St
HOURS: Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm

Approximate Disc Numbers – 50

LOCATION: Palmerston North, North Island
COURSE: Mobile Store – Palmerston North
DEPOT: Ryan Kitto Contact 0277 333962
HOURS: Friday session on course or Contact above to meet onsite
Approximate Disc Numbers 100+

LOCATION: Wellington, North Island
COURSE: Mobile Store All courses – Harcourt Park Base
DEPOT: Mike Riley Contact 0292003635
HOURS: Contact above to meet onsite
Approximate Disc Numbers 100+

Popping up like Chicken Pox! Discshop Depots are right at your local course. Each depot has a range of discs and accessories to touch, hold and buy.  Our mobile shop will even have discs to try before you buy.  No buying dud discs again!

New Mobile Shops in Wellington and Palmerston North open NOW!
We’ll restock each depot at least once a month with all of our new arrivals so stop in regularly to be first to get fresh stock.

If you want to save on shipping costs and don’t mind waiting, contact us to see when the next shipment is going to be and pick it up at your nearest depot….simple.
Contact us to find out when our Mobile Shop will be coming past your town.

If you want a depot near your course email us and we’ll crack into it ASAP!

Auckland West, North Island
Woodhill Proshop – Onsite in main carpark

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Tauranga, North Island
Falls Cafe – Onsite in the Park

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Mangakino, North Island
Art and Soul, 71 Rangatira Drive

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New Plymouth, North Island
The Golf Zone, 44 Molesworth St

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Palmerston North, North Island
Mobile Store – Ryan Kitto: Contact 0277 333962

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Wellington, North Island
Harcourt Park Base – Mike Riley: Contact 0292003635

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