By choosing the right disc/s in the first 50 rounds of Disc Golf you will progress much better than if you choose something that sounded cool, looked cool or was discounted.  Beginner discs are easy to throw… and we all want it to be easy. Here are the 4 types, click on a button to jump to the right section for a quick description and the selection!

Putt and Approach

The best players started throwing Putters first.  These are designed to go short and straight.  They encourage good form and will stick to the chains much better than Mid’s and Drivers.  A good putter is great start for any player.  

Mid Range

Great for anyone wanting to get started or those only wanting to have one disc.  Owning a Mid Range disc first will make you progress much faster and therefore enjoy disc golf even more.  Perfect starting point!  Sure they won’t go as far but they are easy to throw and very forgiving compared to the Drivers, so you won’t be throwing your new plastic away in the bush somewhere.

Fairway / Control Driver

This category is great to step up when you are ready to start and throw a bit further.  They still have a higher error rate than the Mid Ranges so don’t rush to get one until you feel ready.  If you are a natural Sportsperson wanting to start playing Disc Golf and only wanted one disc, then you could get away with any of these Beginner Fairway Drivers.

Distance Driver

Don’t be fooled into getting a Driver until you are confident you can throw.  They might go further “sometimes” but they also go wrong real quick if you don’t have the basic skills.  If you are unsure grab a Fairway Driver above instead!