A1 Over Stable Approach
400g Series Plastic
USA Stamp


A1 is a staple in our Managing Directors bag.  He uses it nearly every hole no matter what the conditions.  This will never flip out even in heavy winds PERIOD! Don’t be fooled by the 159g lightweight, this thing will always fight back.

The Prodigy Disc A1 is an overstable utility disc that fills the gap between midranges and putters. The A1 is perfect for power throwers who want to avoid the possibility of their shot turning over. The disc is consistent and reliable in all wind conditions and perfect for short, trick shots as well as high wind approach shots.

400G Plastic is the regular 400 Plastic with a shot of adrenaline. It is the base 400 plastic mixed with another resin that gives the plastic a slightly different feel than the base 400 Plastic. The additive also makes the disc more durable and requires more time to break it in.

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