Apex NF600 Rangefinder

Apex NF600 Rangefinder

Disc Golf Specific

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The Apex NF600 Disc Golf Rangefinder is designed specifically for disc golf.

All the features of high end brands without the high end price.  We tested the accuracy of this vs a high end brand and it was exactly the same… and we found it easier to use.  Must have in your bag!  You will not regret buying one of these.

Using a 905 nanometer class 1 laser to measure the distance between an object and the rangefinder. This is ideal to determine the distance between yourself and the disc golf basket, or any other target on the fairway. This can also be used as part of course design: providing accurate distances from possible tees to targets. It can deliver the distance in yards, feet, or METRES!

The NF600 has multiple modes to give you the most accurate measurement. These are the modes you can use:

1. Slope Distance – default mode, measuring distances between an object and the rangefinder

2. Vertical Distance – measures the distance, elevation difference, and the angle

3. Horizontal Distance – measures continual slope distance, angle and horizontal distance

4. Speed Measurement – measures the speed of an object (moving toward or away from the rangefinder)

5. Height Measurement – measures the height difference between two objects

6. Closest and Farthest – measures the distance of several different objects; displaying the closest or the farthest

7. Distance Compensation – measures the recommended throwing distance to an object (the distance may be 300′ but up hill, which will feel more like 350′ throw thus it will suggest 350′)

8. Storage – this will show the last 20 readings you took

Refurbished Models are available periodically. These are demo models and are virtually brand new.  The battery has been used a few times but the batteries last for years and cost hardly anything to replace.

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Discs come in a wide variety of plastics. Some are better suited for certain scenarios than others, others are simply better quality and will last longer.

Every brand has their own names for the different plastic types. We’ve put this chart together as a general reference the next time you see a plastic name and want to know how it fairs!