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Auckland Bag Tag 2019


Auckland Bag Tag Challenge is on again…this year your tag is also a discount card.

The goal is to get…and then keep the lowest number and bragging rights.

The purpose of the Bag Tag is to add another fun element to personal, league, and tournament rounds of disc golf. Please display your Bag Tag where others can easily see it.

Tags are distributed in order of purchase.  $20 each ($40 includes 1 x Hallertau AKDG Series Entry)

Tag holders get $5 off any Hallertau AKDG Series Event.  $1 off any full priced Disc at DiscShop Depots (including the Mobile Depot) on the day of the Bag Tag Challenge.  We have more discounts to be finalised as time goes on.  These tags are very good value at $20.

Bag Tag rules

  1. Anyone who has a bag tag may challenge, be challenged or participate in bag tag challenges.
  2. Players with a higher Bag Tag number may challenge any player with a lower Bag Tag number to a round of disc golf.
  3. Members cannot avoid challenges by leaving the Bag Tag at home or by concealing your Bag Tag (see forfeiture).
  4. The player receiving the challenge can choose the course to be played AND must make a “fair and reasonable” effort to be available within 7 days.  The maximum amount of time someone could be physically unable to play without forfeiting their tag would be 30 days.
  5. Who ever wins the challenge gets the lowest number tag and tags are exchanged then and there.

Automatic Challenges

  • Automatic challenges occur during any AKDG Wednesday Henderson League or Hallertau AKDG Series Round.
    • AKDG Wednesday Henderson League is on a per card basis (ie you only challenge the people on your card)
    • Hallertau AKDG Series are “all in” Tag rounds, whereby everyone puts their tags in at the start and they are re-issued at the end of the day in the order that you placed.
  • The challenge does not need to be publicly announced or agreed upon before the start of the round–it is automatic.
  • Other events may be introduced during the year and this will be the TD’s discretion and announced prior to the event.
  • Members may not deny this challenge by refusing to turn in their tag. Failure to turn in your tag, results in automatic forfeiture.

Casual Challenges

Tag holders may casually meet at a course OR agree to meet at a course/time to compete for bag tags in:

  • One on One challenges (Two Players)
  • Group Challenges, where multiple players each put a Bag Tag at stake during the group round.
  • Members may not deny a challenge and then proceed to play a round (see forfeiture).


Any Automatic Challenges take precedence over any Casual challenges.  IE There are no Casual Challenges during an event with Automatic Challenges already in place.

General Rules:

  • The player with the lowest score at the end of the challenge round earns the lowest numbered Bag Tag among the challengers.
  • Bag Tags must be exchanged immediately following the round.
  • In the event of a tie, the player who started with the lowest numbered Bag Tag will be awarded the lowest numbered Bag Tag. This may require some sorting in a group challenge.
  • You must have your Bag Tag with you to challenge or accept challenges.


Each Bag Tag belongs to the AKDG Events Team.  Any player will be required to surrender their Bag Tag if:

  • They are found to be purposely concealing the Bag Tag, especially with a low number.
  • Refusing and/or “forgetting” to carry their Bag Tag, especially to events where other Tag Holders are “likely” to be present.
  • Refusing Automatic Challenges.
  • Generally denying Bag Tag access to other tag holders.
  • Abandoning a challenge while it is in play
  • The player possesses a tag in the lowest 1/3 of available numbers and hasn’t played a challenge within 30 days

If you lose your Bag Tag, please report it immediately.  You may then purchase the next lowest number Bag Tag available. Replacement tags, if available, will cost $10.00.

Rules are subject to change.

The AKDG events crew reserves the right to revoke your Bag Tag at our discretion.

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