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Discmania Lite Pro


This is a pretty sweet basket for the price.  Yeah we get it, more sturdy baskets are most peoples ideal “at home basket”.  But not everyone has 300+ bucks to lay down on something for the back yard.

It’s light enough to move around the yard and make heaps of sweet putting holes, it’s light enough to put inside when it’s raining, it’s packable and light enough to chuck in on a road trip… and it’s tough enough to catch some way ward putts.   Once you get good on a Discmania Lite PRO, those big baskets on your course will be easy picking.

Discmania’s Lite PRO will improve your inside circle putting period!

Lite PRO is an approved Disc Golf target by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). It is a perfect training target for both indoor and outdoor use. (must not be stored outside long term)

Lite PRO has 12 chains that are also connected horizontally to ensure a near-perfect catching experience.

New look with red center pole and top flag give a great visibility on the course. Lite PRO is super easy to assemble – it takes only a minute and four clicks to set up. The target is very portable and you can get it anywhere!

Improvements compared to the original LITE Basket include: Electronically galvanized frame and chains, better visibility, slimmer package design and size – The Lite PRO is about 10cm taller than the LITE Basket.

We recommend this target to be used indoors, and if used outdoors, make sure to store it inside after the use.

Assembly notice: The pole parts of the basket may be a bit tight especially when assembled the first time, so please be cautious when setting up the basket.

Discmania Lite PRO measurements:

Height without flag: 130cm
Basket top height: 81cm
Basket width: 63cm
Chain rack width: 55cm
Chain area height: 43cm

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