Taki Sak – Exclusive

Taki Sak – Exclusive


We are proud to announce we are NZ’s exclusive for the awesome Taki Sak’s.

These Taki Sak are the next level in ensuring dry hands when playing.  Never have another tiny slip out again with these long lasting locally made chalk bags.

The special blend of dry clay inside create a fine dust to wick away moisture from discs and hands.  Ergonomically designed to slip into pockets, accessory bags and most importantly the palm of your hand.

Handy for a wind read too!

Pro tip:
Like any chalk bag or sports sack (sportsack) these are designed to be dried in between rounds, not left in wet gear.  In the case that it does get wet, simply place it a warm dry area to dry up again.  Store dry in a moisture tight bag in a dry warm area.

Taki Sak
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Discs come in a wide variety of plastics. Some are better suited for certain scenarios than others, others are simply better quality and will last longer.

Every brand has their own names for the different plastic types. We’ve put this chart together as a general reference the next time you see a plastic name and want to know how it fairs!