Get a taste for three of Discmania’s fairway drivers.  One Understable, One Straight and one Stable.  Colours will be sent randomly but you can request in the comments.

Disc 1 – Discmania Rockstar Straight Fairway Putter – Premium Plastic (Pink, Blue or Yellow)

Rockstar is a beginner friendly fairway driver from Active Line. Designed with the player in mind, this disc allows easy access to begin opening up your game to untapped distance and control. Golfers with more experience and power will find this disc to be moderately under stable and will display more high-speed turn from the flight. Beginner to intermediate level players are going to enjoy the smooth nature of it’s flight patterns, superb gliding ability, and adaptability to both forehand and backhand throws. Rockstar features a thin rounded nose with gentle wing on the underside of the disc, making for an extremely comfortable fit in your hand.

Flight Rating is 8 | 5 | -2 | 1

The Active Premium plastic is transparent

Disc 2 – Discmania Magician Stable Fairway Driver – Premium (Pink, Blue or Yellow)

Rated at a speed 6, the Magician has a smaller rim that makes this disc comfortable for all hand sizes.

Active premium plastic is much more durable than it’s base line counterparts. Mold profiles will remain the same while the higher end productions such as this one will naturally be more overstable in flight and provide a longer life in your bag, able to resist months or even years of everyday wear and tear out on the course.

Stamp colour may vary.

Flight numbers: 6 | 4 | 0 | 2

Disc 3 – Discmania Genius Understable Driver – Base Plastic (Pink, Blue or White)

Designed to flip and fly, the Genius has massive amounts of turn making this the optimal disc for beginners as well as anyone looking for a disc that can do more.

Due to its unique flight characteristics the Genius is able to fill a variety of shots in the bag making this an optimal driver for any player. The Genius uses its massive turn to carve shots in the air, navigate tight lines, and even turn into a roller that tears down the fairway.

The Active plastic is the perfect balance between keeping the disc firm as well as soft to the touch meaning the disc always feels comfortable and natural in the hand.  Pretty good for wet conditions too.

Stamp colour may vary.

Flight numbers: 7 | 5 | -4 | 1


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