FD2 Fairway Driver
Glow C-Line Plastic
Royal Rage Edition
Gold Stamp 175g


Tour Series – Limited Edition Fairway Driver.

The new FD2 is a fairway driver that has a dependable straight flight with a solid fade for finish, giving players a reliable fairway driver in all weather conditions. The stability of the new FD2 allows players to get a full flight when thrown at max power while still allowing players to get creative with a variety of other shots by adjusting the speed and angle.

The Royal Rage fills the gap between the other Discmania fairway drivers (FD & FD3) perfectly, combining glide and distance with trusted stability. The new FD2 will give any player confidence on the fairway, on the calmest days or in the roaring wind.  Feel the wrath of the tyrant and join Leo this season in throwing the Royal Rage.

This is the new 2019 retooled flatter version of the FD2, and this is how the FD2 was always meant to be. This is the very first release of the FD2 with this configuration and the very first time any FD2 is offered in Color Glow C-line material. These discs were produced in the beginning of 2019 (Early 2019 Run). These FD2’s are more dependable and have more glide than the 2018 versions of the FD2. We believe this will be a new Discmania Originals favorite for years to come.

Flight Rating is 7|4|0|2

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