GRIPeq Disc Divider

GRIPeq Disc Divider

Game Changer


Customize your bag’s storage space with adjustable disc dividers. These rugged dividers slide into the main compartment of your bag and have two adjustable dividers allowing you to create the perfect space for your setup. Whether organizing your discs by type/color or making space for an extra towel and some beverages, these disc dividers let you make your GRIPeq bag your own.

With a size for each GRIPeq model, every bag can be customised to meet your personal needs.

SMALL – C fits best in C-Series bags (165mm wide, 225mm deep, 137mm tall)
MEDIUM – B fits best in B-Series and A-TS bags (200mm wide, 225mm deep, 137mm tall)
LARGE – A fits best in A-Series bags (250mm wide, 225mm deep, 137mm tall)

Note: These dividers are designed to have play on both sides when inserted into the bag. This allows discs and gear to sit easier in the bag with side-to-side flexibility.

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Discs come in a wide variety of plastics. Some are better suited for certain scenarios than others, others are simply better quality and will last longer.

Every brand has their own names for the different plastic types. We’ve put this chart together as a general reference the next time you see a plastic name and want to know how it fairs!