H5 Driver
400g Series Plastic
Blue Mini Swirl
Blue Stamp 167g


H series are Hybrids…kind of a cross…length of a driver with the power of a fairway??  We’re confused but they are big sellers because they are easy to throw far without much effort.   They love sitting up and gliding but always seem to come back… new Disc Shop favourite!

The Prodigy Disc H5 is a brand new, fast flying, Hybrid Driver. Depending on the thrower’s power, the H5 will have a stable to under stable flight path. The H5 has plenty of speed to spare, and provides great flip up from hyzer glide. When thrown properly, the mid-flight glide is amazing. Distance matched with dependability will make this disc a favorite of beginner and advanced players. Predictable flip will allow this disc to become a go-to for rollers and left to right tunnel shots for advanced and professional players.

400G Plastic is the regular 400 Plastic with a shot of adrenaline.  The additive also makes the disc moredurable and requires more time to break it in so you know it’s gonna stay the same no matter how many trees, pathways, houses you hit.

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