Origin Mid Range
Neo Plastic
Bright Pink
5 | 5 | -1 | 1


WOW.. The Buzzz killer is here.  Almost identical in shape to the worlds most popular disc the Discraft Buzzz, the new Discmania Origin is ever so slightly smaller in the hand making it available to all size and all abilities.  We have doubled our order of the Origin because we are very confident this will be the biggest seller of Discmania’s new range.

Fast becoming DiscShop’s most popular Mid Range for any players wanting to make it easy on themselves! So so straight.

It will thrive in tailwinds, wooded fairways, and calmer conditions out on the course. You will be blown away at how far this disc will fly compared to it’s flight numbers.  If the fan favourite Discmania Essence had a mid-range relative, this is it.

Stamp colour may vary.

Flight Rating is 5 | 5 | -1 | 1


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