Power Pocket

Power Pocket

Fits all carts – 8+ Discs


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Go on spoil yourself or buy this for any friend or family member with a disc golf cart.  This the Ultimate cart add on.

The Power Pocket is a necessary accessory for any disc golf cart of any brand.  The instructions say it holds up to eight go-to discs within easy reach. We reckon 10 is doable if you have some drivers in there too.    Minimise how many times you bend down to get discs from your bag…cause they’re right there, all the time!

It also has room for a mini, clipboard, and pencils. No more bending down for your favourite discs! Attaches to telescoping handle of (al)most all disc golf carts.

RAIN FLY now available here – these are so essential if you have a Power Pocket.

The Power Pocket has two Velcro tabs that attach to the telescoping tubes. An adjustable strap attaches to the handle to control the height of the pouch.

  • Holds 8+ discs
  • Cellphone pocket
  • Mini pocket
  • Clipboard pocket
  • Pencil holders
  • Grommets for towels, bag tags, etc.

So good!
See why so many people are taking the plunge and getting rolling ZUCA carts.  Never look back.. Roll on!

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Discs come in a wide variety of plastics. Some are better suited for certain scenarios than others, others are simply better quality and will last longer.

Every brand has their own names for the different plastic types. We’ve put this chart together as a general reference the next time you see a plastic name and want to know how it fairs!