Woodhill Winter League

21 Jul 2024 | Woodhill Disc Golf Park


Woodhill Winter League

21 Jul 2024 | Woodhill Disc Golf Park

Woodhill Winter League is back … finally.  In winter in Auckland there is very few places that stay dry…  but the sand based Woodhill Disc Golf Park is one of them.

Designed for players of all levels, we will be playing a layout we call… Wetter the Better which is a sick hybrid of all the coloured layouts you know and love at ya ol’ mate Woodhill Disc Golf Park.

10.30am start on Sundays the league runs for 6 weeks from Sunday July 21st through to Sunday August 25th.  You can play one or all of the weeks.  The more you play the cheaper per week it gets.

$15 per week or $75 for all 6 weeks gets you entry into the event, mid round prize games, ace kitty and whatever else we can come up with to make it better and better.
Anyone who buys into the whole 6 weeks at the start goes in the draw to win a brand new GRIPeq bag.
To support our local club we are also offering a discount to current members.
$10 per week or $50 for all 6 weeks – AKDG membership is only $30 and you can become a member here: https://aucklanddiscgolf.com/cart/

Bookings are essential as we are going to need to cap player numbers for speed of play.

Back by popular demand, The Woodhill Winter league will this time be PDGA sanctioned… not that really means anything to those of you without PDGA numbers… but we do recommend getting one to track historic stats throughout any PDGA events.


PDGA Event Link

GROUP A = MPO, MA1, MA40 – Advanced Layout 6 weeks
GROUP B = FA1, MA2 – Alternating between both layouts each week*
*FA1 = Week 1 Adv | Week 2 Beg-Int | Week 3 Adv | Week 4 Beg-Int | Week 5 Adv | Week 6 Beg-Int
*MA2 = Week 1 Beg-Int | Week 2 Adv | Week 3 Beg-Int | Week 4 Adv | Week 5 Beg-Int | Week 6 Adv
GROUP C = FA3, MA3 – Beginner-Intermediate Layout 6 weeks

Both league layouts will follow the regular course direction but we have mixed up the teepad colours to give you something a little different than the “Normal Red” or “Normal Blue” layouts.
Each week there may be subtle changes (as we finish off more upgrades) but here is the layout to start with.

Tee pads will be clearly marked with temporary flags on the day and hole notes are comprehensive on the scoring apps.
GOLD Flags = Advanced Layout | BLUE Flags = Beginner-Intermediate Layout.

Advanced Layout || Beginner-Intermediate Layout
Hole 1 – Red 1 Tee (+extra Mando) || Red 1 Tee (no Mando)
Hole 2 – Gold 2 Tee || Blue 2 Tee
Hole 3 – Gold 3 Tee || Red 3 Tee
Hole 4 – Gold 4 Tee || Blue 4 Tee
Hole 5 – Shared 5 Tee (+ Island) || Shared 5 Tee (No Island)
Hole 6 – Gold 6 Tee || Red 6 Tee
Hole 7 – Gold 7 Tee || Blue 7 Tee
Hole 8 – Shared 8 Tee || Shared 8 Tee
Hole 9 – Red 9 Tee || Blue 9 Tee
Hole 10 – Gold 10 Tee || Blue 10 Tee
Hole 11 – Gold 11 Tee || Blue 11 Tee
Hole 12 – Gold 12 Tee || Red 12 Tee
Hole 13 – Red 13 Tee || Blue 13 Tee
Hole 14 – Red 14 Tee + Hazards || Blue 14 Tee
Hole 15 – Shared 15 Tee (+Island) || Shared 15 (No Island)
Hole 16 – Red 16 Tee || Blue 16 Tee
Hole 17 – Red 17 Tee (to New Basket) || Blue 17 Tee (to New Basket)
Hole 18 – Gold 18 Tee || Red 18 Tee



Discs come in a wide variety of plastics. Some are better suited for certain scenarios than others, others are simply better quality and will last longer.

Every brand has their own names for the different plastic types. We’ve put this chart together as a general reference the next time you see a plastic name and want to know how it fairs!