All Terrain / DG Cart

All Terrain / DG Cart

Extra Large – 32 Disc+


Pack this rugged cart with everything you need to hit the golf course, and take a seat when you need it! Performance tyres provide unrivaled traction over any terrain, and a heavy-duty, washable bag keeps maintenance to a minimum. Durable construction and a sleek black bag for carrying all your discs.

Pre-built with this disc golf rack, matching accessory pouch, XL drink holders and tubeless foam wheels.
Discs are not included.

All of the ZÜCA carts come standard with all-season, tubeless foam performance tires that keep rolling over rocks, sand, snow and rough terrain, so you don’t have to worry about getting a flat, and they have sealed bearings for low maintenance and a smooth ride. With a 125cm telescoping handle so that disc golfers of all heights can use it.  The Disc Golf Cart is one of the largest  and most premium ZÜCA Cart’s you can get.


  • Carry up to 32 discs without back strain (interior rack included)
  • Sturdy, patented frame doubles as a portable seat rated to safely support up to 300 lbs
  • Stow all your gear in the 3-pocket pouch, side pockets and interior storage area.
  • Zippered front door rolls up and tucks away for easy access to discs
  • The removable, hand washable insert bag is made from premium water resistant polyester
  • Play disc golf in all seasons with performance tires that keep on rolling over rocks, sand, snow and rough terrain
  • Removable wheels allow for more compact storage in back seats and closets
  • Enjoy adjustable cup holders for easy access to hydration or your favourite brew
  • Sealed wheel bearings mean low maintenance and a smooth ride
  • 125cm Telescoping handle

This cart DOES NOT meet FAA specifications for carry-on baggage.

560mm H x 400mmW x 400mmD (without wheels)
560mm H x 600mmW x 400mmD (including wheels)

Bag Insert Dimensions
255mmH x 360mmW x 250mm D (excluding front pouch)

Front Opening Dimensions
150mmH x 400mmW x 275mmD


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Discs come in a wide variety of plastics. Some are better suited for certain scenarios than others, others are simply better quality and will last longer.

Every brand has their own names for the different plastic types. We’ve put this chart together as a general reference the next time you see a plastic name and want to know how it fairs!